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One of the goals of POWER project is to develop a transnational municipal network effect. Therefore, networking events with qualified participants including follower cities, policy makers, industrial representatives, researchers, SME and hackathons will be organised directly by the POWER consortium and external networking initiatives will be exploited as much as possible.

POWER partners have participated in:

▪ CAPS Community meeting and workshop

18th May 2016, Internationales Kulturzentrum ufaFabrik, Berlin (Germany)

The ‘CAPS Community meeting and workshop’ event brings together old and new CAPS projects, discussing ideas for the next wokprogramme, defining clusters of projects, and ultimately establishing a working community of innovation entities that will actively cooperate with the EC on Digital Social Innovation over the coming years.

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▪ DSI4EU: Shaping the Future of Digital Social Innovation in Europe

29th June 2016, Headquarters of DG Connect, Beaulieu 25, Brussels (Belgium)

The ‘CAPS Policy Workshop’ on Digital Social Innovation is organised by the DSI4EU coordination and support action in order to present success stories and give policy recommendations to the EU on how best to address the related challenges in future policy and research actions.

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