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The POWER social innovation model addresses four water issues which are among the EIP WATER Action Groups’ priorities. The 4 key demonstration cities have been chosen because of their ongoing work in water related areas. These four cities will provide the information for the follower cities to use and engage in dialogue.

1. Milton Keynes – Reduction of water consumption

Water scarcity is constraining new developments taking place in Milton Keynes. Action therefore needs to be taken to reduce overall consumption to allow further development.

2. Sabadell – Water quality

In the city of Sabadell water is supplied in two qualities: drinking water and water for non-drinking purposes. The goal is to provide consumer information to encourage better management of resources and a reduction in the consumption of drinking water to be replaced by non-potable water.

3. Leicester – Leicester has a surface water flood risk

City of Leicester has developed GIS mapping and, real time rain gauges to try and predict potential flood risk. Leicester will then take further action to reduce the risk of surface water flooding, through public engagement activities via the DSP.

4. Jerusalem – Variables related to water conservation

Limited water supplies and high water tariffs are at the centre of Hagihon’s strategy to diminish water loss and to ensure the quality of potable water.

These four pilot cities will be supported by other cities from EIP Water – City Blueprints and NetwercH2O, to create a larger network addressing each of the four areas. All cities will provide a City Blueprint to highlight water related issues in their area and to compare their “blueprint” with that of other cities.

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