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New Digital Social Platform for water related issues is online!

New Digital Social Platform for water-related issues is online! Do you want to improve the water management in your local authority? If the drinking water in your municipality is scarce or if your population is endangered by surface water floods, then the new Digital Social Platform is the right place for you. This interactive platform

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The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto

The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto The way towards the innovation in the digital society The Digital Social Innovation Manifesto recognises that across Europe, a growing movement of people is exploring opportunities for Digital Social Innovation (DSI). People are developing bottom-up solutions and leveraging on participation, collaboration, decentralization, openness, and multi-disciplinarity. At the moment, however, this

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Power Project partner KWR contribute POWER at the Dresden Nexus Conference

Stef Koop (KWR) presented the City Blueprint tool, and showcased the new JRC publication: the Urban Water Atlas for Europe, which is based on 45 City Blueprint assessments. He then presented the Governance Capacity Framework. The framework identifies the main conditions that limit or encourage cities or other cooperating networks to effectively govern a common

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