New Digital Social Platform for water related issues is online!

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New Digital Social Platform for water related issues is online!

New Digital Social Platform for water-related issues is online!

Do you want to improve the water management in your local authority? If the drinking water in your municipality is scarce or if your population is endangered by surface water floods, then the new Digital Social Platform is the right place for you. This interactive platform is filled up with information of experts about water-related issues and used to communicate these issues to decision-makers, key stakeholders, and the public in order to increase awareness. Everyone can join in, as the platform is now activated.

The Digital Social Platform was created as part of the EU project POWER (Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges), in which among others the city network Climate Alliance, the UK cities of Leicester and Milton Keynes as well as the two water supply companies of Jerusalem (Israel) and Sabadell (Spain) are participating. Benefit from the experience of the four involved local authorities!

Do you want to share your own best practices with other municipal employees around the world? Then use the POWER platform for this purpose. It is the right place to explore and discuss experiences with the other users of the wide network of POWER cities. Learn of them and discuss their answers to water-related challenges as extreme weather events, reduction of water consumption, quality of water reuse, and variables related to water conservation.

Further information

The main goals of the four POWER cities


Through the regional water utility, Hagihon, the city is to promote water conservation behaviours, quantifiable water savings and improve awareness regarding water quality.

Join Jerusalem Water Community and

  • Immediately report any urban water burst
  • Be a partner in turning Jerusalem to a green and flourishing city by spreading knowledge to watering gardens and saving water
  • Be part of Hagihons educational curriculum
  • Water quality is a recipe for health and wellness. Learn how to make sure quality water in your house
  • Share your experience and knowledge
  • Get ready to act in the Community Gardens

Milton Keynes

In Milton Keynes water is scarce, too, therefore, with the help of social awareness incentives, total consumption should be reduced.

Join Milton Keynes Water Community and

  • Learn why people need to save water in Milton Keynes
  • Read about ideas and tips for reducing water consumption
  • Get informed about school projects and educational resources
  • Create a Milton Keynes smarter water community


Leicester aims to strengthen the awareness of extreme weather events, as it is endangered by surface water floods. It provides real-time river water levels and predictive warnings for combined sewer overflows in specific geographical areas of the city.

Join Leicester Water Community and

  • Learn about flood risk – of your home in Leicester, your neighbourhood and your city
  • Get #floodprepared with the experiences of the Leicester  #floodpreparedcommunity
  • Get involved by giving feedback, sharing know-how and experience with the #floodpreparedcommunity
  • Get ready to act in the #floodpreparedcommunity


In Sabadell water is delivered in two qualities, as drinking water and non-drinking water. The water utility CASSA wants to actively involve citizens by implementing an information system that enables real-time information about the quality and conditions of service.

Join Sabadell Water Community and

  • Know the quality of water in Sabadell
  • Learn how Sabadell saves water
  • Ask, think and participate in all areas of the water cycle, especially the water quality and use of alternative resources
  • Follow the I+D projects in the water cycle that takes place in Sabadell
  • Share what Sabadell is doing about water management and what is done in other cities in Europe
  • Engage, participate, be critical and contribute to a more efficient resource management model, thus also reducing the impact of climate change

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