Networking events

One of the goals of POWER project is to develop a transnational municipal network effect. Therefore, networking events with qualified participants including follower cities, policy makers, industrial representatives, researchers, SME and hackathons will be organised directly by the POWER consortium and external networking initiatives will be exploited as much as possible.

POWER partners have participated in:

Pos. Date Location Title Event Contribution of Power Partner Name(s)
1 2016 March 17 Pisa, Italy NETWERC H2O Conference and General Assembly Presentation / Leaflets DMU, CTM, CUBIT, KWR
2 2016 May 10-13 Rotterdam, Netherlands Adaptation Futures Conference 2016 Presentation / Leaflets KWR
3 2016 May 18 Berlin, Germany CAPS Community meeting and workshop Presentation / Leaflets DMU, EIPCM
4 2016 May 19-20 Berlin, Germany First International ECSA Conference 2016 organized by the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Leaflets EIPCM
5 2016 June 9 and 10 Energiereferat, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Strategieworkshop Klima-Bündnis Poster session / Leaflets Climate Alliance
6 2016 June 17 Jerez, Spain ICT4Water Cluster Meeting Presentation De Montfort University Leicester
7 2016 June 28 Brussels, Belgium DSI4EU: Shaping the Future of Digital Social Innovation Leaflets CUBIT
8 2016 July 21 Freiburg, Germany Integration von Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung auf kommunaler Ebene Leaflets Climate Alliance
9 2016 September 29 Frankfurt, Germany Wassersensible Stadtentwicklung in der wachsenden Stadt Frankfurt am Main Leaflets Climate Alliance
10 2016 October 6-7 Krems an der Donau, Austria International Climate Alliance Conference & Climate Star Gala Information-Desk, Roll-up, Leaflets Climate Alliance
11 2016 October 7 Delhi, India India-EU Water Forum. World Sustainable Development Summit 2016 Presentation KWR Watercycle Research Institute
12 2016 December 8-9 Wiesbaden, Germany Wassersensible Stadtentwicklung für lebenswerte, klimaangepasste und ressourcenleichte Städte Leaflets Climate Alliance
13 2017 March 08 London, UK Waterwise 2017, an ICT4Water cluster event J Draper POWER presentation & panel member representing the project + Leaflets MK Council
14 2017 Feb 02 Rome, Italy DSI Fair 2017, a CAPSSi event J Draper POWER presentation & panel member representing the project MK Council
15 2017 April 28 Stuttgart, Germany Energy Cities Annual Conference Interactive Session 15: POWER Climate Alliance
16 2017 April 27 Valletta, Malta Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean Presentation urban water atlas for Europe KWR Watercycle Research Institute
17 2017 May 17 Dresden, Germany Water Nexus Conference 2017 Presentation SHA Koop KWR Watercycle Research Institute



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