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Power Project partner KWR contribute POWER at the Dresden Nexus Conference


Stef Koop (KWR) presented the City Blueprint tool, and showcased the new JRC publication: the Urban Water Atlas for Europe, which is based on 45 City Blueprint assessments. He then presented the Governance Capacity Framework. The framework identifies the main conditions that limit or encourage cities or other cooperating networks to effectively govern a common water challenge. The framework is able to identify both strong and weak points that can be bridged by capacity building, by city-to-city learning and knowledge exchange. Digital Social Platforms may facilitate this process of knowledge sharing and capacity building in municipalities and regions in Europe and beyond.

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Power Newsletter n. 4 is online!

Our 4th Newsletter gives insight to water governance strategy of the city of Milton Keynes, whose Council is actively seeking ways to reduce water consumption. Besides, you will find a presentation of the new research project netWORKS 4, exploring the connections between urban development and water infrastructure.

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