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POWER idea contest has been extended!

Due to the large numbers of participants who want to take part in the Ideas contest, and the events taking place around it, it has been decided to extend the deadline for submitting ideas to 31st January 2019.

Submit your ideas now! For more information go to and good luck!

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Industry Panel: “The social and political consequences of digital platforms – How technology can empower industry and municipalities”

An extremely interesting industry panel, organised and chaired by Cubit Scarl, was held on 1st October 2018 within the Escola Industrial in Barcelona. The panel, followed by a thought-provoking discussion, was centred on how technology can empower industry and municipalities, with special regard to the POWER project.


The panel started with a general introduction of the topic under discussion by Prof. Giuliano Manara, President of Cubit, followed by a presentation of the POWER project by Monica Pianosi. All the participants, who were mainly representatives of various municipalities from Germany, Luxembourg and Spain, were aware of the POWER project.


The next speaker was Richard Elelman, Head of Public Administrations of EURECAT-CTM, who spoke about the social and political consequences of POWER, followed by Selma Mergner, Climate Protection Manager from the municipality of Worms in Germany, about climate change adaptation and heavy rain in Worms, and the steps that have been taken to combat this problem, and how the citizens of Worms are participating in the decision making process.


The Industry panel terminated with a general discussion regarding technology in general and the Power project in particular, with two new follower cities who wish to register. A very interesting and informative afternoon, which was also streamed live on Facebook.

Interested in watching some of the discussion? Click here.

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