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Sabadell ConCensus Workshop February 2019

On February 27, l’Aula de l’Aigua hosted a new workshop of the POWER project. Here’s what happened!

Sabadell ConCensus Workshop February 2019The workshop

Within the framework of the POWER project, the participatory digital platform of water issues in Sabadell, a new workshop was held to promote citizen participation in the project on February the 27th.

The workshop, where 11 people attended, was looking to receive new feedback from the digital platform and the novelties that have been applied in recent months, both from people who participated in the first workshop and people for whom this workshop was the first contact with the POWER project and its digital platform.

First of all, Jordi Vinyoles from Aigües de Sabadell introduced the sessionand then the attendants began to interact with the platform and evaluate it according to the methodologies of Eduardo Calvillo of the European Institute for Participatory Media (EIPCM).

Then Richard Elelman from Eurecat conducted a session on water governance, followed by a small introduction to the ConCensus, a citizen participation program for the implementation of municipal policies developed within the framework of the project POWER together with Sabadell City Council.

You can see some photos of the workshop below.





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Giving power to your city – the POWER Follower City Conference

The POWER project aims at demonstrating that the use of the POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP) could prove to be an essential element in an innovative approach to citizen engagement at municipal level. The DSP encourages the sharing of knowledge and experiences on climate change and water issues (scarcity, safety, quality, consumption) between citizens, public bodies, companies, and local authorities, both within Europe and the rest of the world. This creates an important tool to support the European policy of managing water resources, and strengthens and improves the governance of the environment and water networks.

The use of an effective DSP within a coherent socio-political approach to a specific issue can be key to addressing the challenges which society faces at present. This would result not only in nurturing of public awareness, leading to citizen concern, interest and desire to participate in what may lead to more proactive as opposed to reactive local governments, but also in a more transparent and open form of local policy initiation and implementation. It would also lead to significant developments in inter-municipal knowledge exchange, constitute a more coherent structure to the need for supranational policies to be better implemented at a city and district level, enhanced policy continuity and completion, and the opportunity to further explore the possibilities of Science-Diplomacy.

In order to achieve the aforementioned activities, it is essential that the project’s initiatives are observed by, disseminated to, and ultimately replicated in a number of follower cities who have expressed their interest in the activities of the POWER consortium.

This conference welcomes to Tuscany the POWER Follower Cities and other interested municipalities with the desire that the event will provide the invited municipalities with a series of solutions to the engagement of their citizens in global environmental issues that will affect the future well-being of their communities.

Conference participation is free of charge but requires registration.
Please fill the registration form at this link:

Programme of the Follower City Conference

The leaflet for the Follower City Conference can be found here.

09.30/10.00 Registration and coffee
10.00/10.15 Welcome | Michele Conti, The Mayor of Pisa
11.00/11.30 Coffee break
12.15/13.00 Introduction to the POWER FOLLOWER CITY NETWORK

13.00/14.00 Lunch

14.45/15.45 THE OBJECTIVES OF THE POWER FOLLOWER CITIES | Open discussion presided by Klaus Nutzenberger, Director of the German Federation of Towns and Cities

15.45/16.00 Coffee break

16.00/16.30 THE FORMAL DECLARATION OF THE POWER FOLLOWER CITIES | Bernd M. Gawlik of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

16.30/17.00 Conclusion | Professor Giuliano Manara of the University of Pisa | Professor Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd of the De Montfort University (UK) | Filippo Bedini, Counselor of the Mayor of Pisa

At the end of the conference all the participants are invited to the following activities:
17.15/19.00 Guided walking tour to the Piazza dei Miracoli with the world-famous Leaning Tower
19.00 Dinner at a typical Tuscan restaurant

See this page for directions and venue information.

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