As defined by the EC, deliverables are additional outputs (typically documents and reports, but also brochures, software, and other material) that must be produced at a given moment during the progress of the project. Some deliverables are public, whereas other are confidential.

In this page you can see and download the public deliverables released so far.

D1.4 – Data Management Plan: open [0.7 MB]

D2.1 – General architecture, functionalities and analysis report: open [3.3 MB]

D2.2 – DSP HUB software, Beta release: open [3.7 MB]

D2.3 – DSP PUB software, Beta release: open [5.3 MB]

D2.4 – DSP MOB software – Beta release report: open [3.3 MB]

D2.5 – Report on the piloting of the DSP POWER model: open [4.1 MB]

D3.1 – Report on best practices in water management for all 4 use cases: open [8.2 MB]

D3.2 – Report on Socio-technical requirements: open [2.7 MB]

D3.3 – Report on the Gamification Model: open [8.4 MB]

D3.4 – Report on the engagement model: open [3.7 MB]

D3.5 – Report on tailoring the POWER digital platforms for city audiences: open [2.1 MB]

D4.1 – Report on the current situation regarding DSP application: open [2.9 MB]

D4.2 – Methodology design for social impact evaluation: open [1.9 MB]

D4.3 – Report on the workshops: open [2.5 MB]

D4.4 – Methodology for the implementation of the long-term visions: open [5.4 MB]

D4.5 – Trends, pressures and performance on UWCS in lead and partner cities: open [6.9 MB]

D4.6 – Review of cost and adaptation measures related to UWCS: open [4.6 MB]

D4.7 – Guidance document for the analysis of UWCS governance in municipalities and regions: open [900 kB]

D4.8 – Report on the UWCS governance analyses of the Key Demonstration Cities: open [2.8 MB]

D4.9 – Report on the improvement options to enhance sustainable urban water management in the Key Demonstration Cities: open [1,7 MB]

D4.10 – Guidance for an integrative multi-objective assessment method to enhance sustainable transitions of UWCS in municipalities and regions: open [1.7 MB]

D5.1 – Project dissemination plan and material: open [800 kB]

D5.2 – Project communication strategy and roadmap: open [4.8 MB]

D5.3 – Public engagement activities report – 1st release: open [1.1 MB]

D5.4 – Public engagement activities report – 2nd release: open [5 MB]

D5.5 – Public engagement activities report – 3rd release: open [3.8 MB]

D5.6 – Market analysis: open [1.2 MB]

D5.7 – Business plan: open [1.6 MB]

D5.8 – Dissemination Activities Final Report, including final conference report: open [4.6 MB]

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