Constanta – Sustainable Energy City 2018

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Constanta – Sustainable Energy City 2018

4 June 2018 – 5 June 2018 all-day

As part of its dissemination activities the POWER project will be presenting at the Constanta – Sustainable Energy City 2018 conference.

Constanta – Sustainable Energy City 2018

The title of the presentation that will be discussed during the conference is:

POWER – Citizen Engagement in the Sustainable City of the Future

The conference is full of interesting talks and discussion of innovative projects. In addition, starting at 12.30 on the 5th of June, just before lunch, a new chapter will be introduced at Costanta. The organisers will envisage the signature of the POWER letter of intent with a number of Romanian cities.

The letter of intent is a formal document, with no obligations, where cities can state their will to join the Follower cities network of the POWER H2020 project. In this way, they declare their intention in using the POWER Water Communities and taking actions for water conservation, one of the biggest issues facing humanity in the modern world.


About Costanta efforts for sustainability

The future looks green for Romania cities, with more sustainable projects planned and waiting to be completed. Everyone in the country can get involved in sustainability actions, at any level. Constanta is the largest city on the Romanian coast, and is special because of its size, location and sustainability effort. No city in Romania cares more for recycling, with Constanta recycling 40% of its waste for the last four years.

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