Flood and Coast 2018 Conference and Workshops

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Flood and Coast 2018

Flood and Coast 2018 Conference and Workshops

20 March 2018 – 22 March 2018 all-day
Telford International Centre
St Quentin Gate
Telford TF3 4JH

Flood and Coast 2018

Flood and Coast 2018

Flood and Coast 2018 is a unique event that advances the debate about flooding and coast erosion risk, resilience and response between government bodies and local authorities with business, major infrastructure, and asset managers, as well as affected communities. Embracing the concept of “a changing climate” the event draws on expertise and experience from different geographies – not only within the UK.

The event brings together the specialists in the supply chain that deliver technology and solutions to control the increasing risk of flood and rising sea levels around our coasts to spread best practice, discuss new ways of working and to deliver excellence in FCERM.

A three-day programme of workshops, presentations, debate and panel sessions tailored to the topics selected by the government and industry panel is accompanied by a trade show and exhibition which allows all stakeholders unrivalled networking opportunities, creating a real business benefit for the service and product providers to engage effectively with contractors, consultants and project owners.

Flood & Coast is the annual opportunity to bring together the organizations and groups who work collaboratively to reduce the risk of flooding and coastal erosion. When this wider community – the flood family – comes together we have the opportunity to learn from one another’s successes, discuss how to best to manage future challenges and continue to build ever stronger networks.

This conference and exhibition is about networking, capacity building, and an enhanced understanding of how the supply chain links together to deliver successful projects for the wider benefit of flood risk reduction

Josie Bateman, Flood & Water Manager, Northamptonshire County Council

Flood and Coast 2018

Day 1 focuses on partnerships, resilient infrastructure, evidence and innovation and working with communities. Afternoon topics will include natural flood management, international learning and working with suppliers.

Day 2 explores modern asset management, spatial planning and FCERM, working with communities, and how partnerships can realise multiple benefits. Afternoon sessions will include planning, FCERM and growth, property flood resilience, and a networking session for women working in FCERM.

Day 3 will consider FRCM future skills, as well as partnership working in incidents, working with communities and responding to climate change. Final afternoon topics include international collaboration, understanding future flood and coastal risk, and supporting communities at risk.

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