POWER idea contest finalists


The results from the first phase of the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities have been evaluated. More than 140 ideas were submitted to the contest and received feedback from the POWER communities. The top 20 finalists who made it to the next round of the contest are listed below.

1. RotH2O: a roundabout for rainwater harvesting and reuse, Leicester:   53 850 points

2. Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater, Sabadell:   45 300 points

3. Heavy Rain Kit, Leicester:   44 550 points

4. DIAGNOSIS (Don’t Ignore Any Get-away Neither Other Scape-system Is Solution), Jerusalem:   22 500 points

5. TreeSPot, Leicester:   13 500 points

6. SMART PIPE, Milton Keynes:   11 400 points

7. Drip, Milton Keynes:   11 400 points

8. Flood simulation caravan, Leicester:   8 325 points

9. WeHelpGreen, Milton Keynes:   7 650 points

10. Challenge Accepted, Milton Keynes:   6 975 points

11. Aqualog, Milton Keynes:   6 300 points

12. ActGreenApp, Leicester:   6 150 points

13. Scan the water!, Milton Keynes:   5 925 points

14. BuYo, Leicester:   5 925 points

15. SMART water usage, Milton Keynes:   5 700 points

16. The “Green App”, Sabadell:   5 475 points

17. Recycle Benefits Calculator, Sabadell:   5 475 points

18. The Green App, Leicester:   5 475 points

19. Bachreinigung (BUND Frankfurt-Nord), Leicester:   5 175 points

20. New-Old-Trend, Sabadell:   5 025 points


All finalists will be contacted very soon with further details about the second phase of the contest.

In the end of the second phase, our POWER jury of sustainability and innovation experts will select the top 10 POWER contest winners who will get:



An invitation to the POWER conference on October 9th and 10th, 2019 in Brussels to present their idea to international high-profile audience of innovation and sustainability experts. Travel costs will be covered.


awards network eckig

Networking and matching session with organizations and individuals interested in helping them – financially, materially or with mentoring – implement their ideas. This will take place during the POWER conference in Brussels on October 9th and 10th, 2019.


awards design eckig

Workshop on Innovation Design & Implementation from experts in the field to help you learn how to best proceed in making your idea a reality. It will take place during the POWER conference in Brussels on October 9th and 10th, 2019.


awards cnd eckig

Communication & dissemination of your idea through the POWER international network and communication channels.


About the contest and the evaluation procedure

The POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities was launched in September 2018 to foster the development of innovative ideas that offer solutions to challenges that local communities face. Citizens of the EU and Israel were encouraged to submit their ideas for solutions to existing issues in the fields of water sustainability, climate change, sustainable consumption and production and civic engagement. The first phase of the contest is over. Ideas were submitted to the platforms of the cities LeicesterMilton KeynesSabadell and Jerusalem.

The evaluation was made according to the following criteria:

– number of votes that an idea gathered and the multiplying factor* of the voters as of January 31, 2019

– number of comments that an idea gathered and the multiplying factor of the commenters as of January 31, 2019

– the multiplying factor of the idea submitter as of January 31, 2019

See more about the contest in the video below:


*multiplying factor – the POWER websites of the cities Leicester, Milton Keynes, Sabadell and Jerusalem are gamified in a way that reflects how informed and knowledgable users are about different sustainability and water-related issues. The higher the multiplying factor of the idea submitter and his/hers supporters, the better his/her chances in the contest. Find out more about the evaluation mechanism in the contest guidelines (section 4).

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