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POWER Newsletter – July 2019

In the 8th newsletter of the Power project we present the progress of the project. The opening for registration for the POWER Conference on the 9th and 10th of October. Here the link for registration: The launch of a new workshop “Citizen and Community Participation for Climate Change Adaptation” in cooperation with the Covenant of Mayors at the Climate Alliance International Conference, in September 2019. The announcement of the winners of POWER idea contest.

POWER Newsletter – December 2018

In the 7th newsletter of the Power project we present the progress of the project. The launch of the DSP app that is now available, completely free (Google Play or App Store), for citizens and organisations who want to be involved and the possibility for municipalities to get their own DSP for free. We also announce the extension deadline for the POWER Idea contest extended to the 31st January 2019 and the launch of a new contest for municipalities: the Best Practice Repository Contest

POWER Newsletter – May 2018

In the 6th newsletter of the Power project we present outcomes of the participation of POWER at the Energy cities annual conference in Rennes, we reflect about the fact that 12 World Leaders Issue a Call for Accelerated Action on Water, and discuss the results of a recent study on waste water in the Netherlands that demonstrates that municipalities can not only reuse wastewater, they can derive energy and raw materials from it. 

POWER Newsletter – January 2018

The first newsletter of 2018 presents the four new Water Communities for water challenges faced by cities, a short movie about the benefits of urban wetlands, new publications about governance and water management in cities published by the network, insights into how towns can prepare for heavy rains with the project “Regen // Sicher” in the city of Worms and the new events to come

POWER Newsletter – May 2017

Our 4th newsletter gives insight to water governance strategy of the city of Milton Keynes, whose Council is actively seeking ways to reduce water consumption. Besides, you will find a presentation of the new research project netWORKS 4, exploring the connections between urban development and water infrastructure.

POWER Newsletter – February 2017

Our 3rd newsletter gives insight to water governance & the City Blueprint Approach management tool.

POWER Newsletter – November 2016

Our 2nd newsletter deals with best practices in water management of the Catalan city of Sabadell, provides a compendium of best practices for water, waste water, solid waste and climate adaptation and an interview to Richard Elelman, Director General of NETWERC H2O, on the role of cities in water management.

POWER Newsletter n.1 – July 2016

Our 1st newsletter deals with best practices in water management of the cities of Leicester and Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom and the water utilities of the city of Sabadell, Catalonia and Jerusalem, Israel.


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