City Blueprints AG

Headed by Kees van Leeuwen, City Blueprints AG is one of the original nine EIP WATER Action Groups. It has been working relentlessly to involve leading European, national and local authorities, research institutes, universities, private organisations, citizens, professionals and water related management stakeholders in a process to establish a learning alliance of European cities in which all share their best practices on Urban Water Cycle Services (UWCS).

Over the last years, the City Blueprints team has developed a process, a method and an IT tool to provide a so-called “City Blueprint” as baseline assessment for the sustainability of UWCS of cities and regions. Detailed City Blueprint assessments have been provided for the cities Rotterdam, Dar es Salaam, Istanbul, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Ho Chi Minh City, and Melbourne. A first paper summarizing the results for 11 cities was published in 2013. A paper summarizing the assessments for 45 municipalities and regions can be found here.

The goal of this EIP Water Action Group is to develop and implement further initiatives by creating awareness among potential cities and regions, by networking, by sharing best UWCS practices among cities, and by further development of tools that can facilitate implementation.

City Blueprints E-Brochure

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