The Network for Water in European Regions and Cities (NetwercH2O) is an association of European municipal and regional governments whose objective is the promotion and development of sustainable practices related to the management of water. Founded by universities, research centres and various European, Middle Eastern and American bodies, NetwercH2O is a channel of communication, a forum for the exchange and publicising of experiences as well as a platform for the creation of European and transatlantic projects.

NETWERCH2O assists in the cross-sector and international communication, transfer and exchange of beneficial water management procedures and knowledge. NETWERC H2O aims to define common objectives among both its members and associate members and promotes the implementation of projects. NETWERCH2O is a forum, both real and virtual where both decision makers and technicians are able to disseminate and exchange experiences whilst being in permanent contact with experts from associate members such as universities, research centers and numerous other entities of international prestige who are prepared to contribute to this experience advancing the issue of water in Europe and beyond. NETWERH2O looks to support and aid those members in search of project partners and both informs and publicizes active projects of collaboration.

NETWERCH2O provides a voice for its members and enables them to interact with all the principal actors concerned with European water issues, thus forming a focus of debate and development. All full members are elected regional or local authorities, Associate members are those entities who are invited to become involved in the activities of NETWERCH20 who, due to their knowledge and expertise, are able to enhance the capability of NETWERCH2O and who can offer clear assistance to the aims of the association.

All partners of POWER project are active members of NetwercH2O leaded by Richard Elelman.

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