Social, technological and political innovation combined in a coherent strategy is often more effective at offering solutions to environmental issues than more established, traditional policy mechanisms. In recent years, important environmental challenges have been addressed by more socially-conscious approaches. What is described as social innovation can provide a vital impetus to the successful implementation of environmental policy. There have been significant advances at a European level in issues such as energy, the reduction of CO2 and sustainable public transport. This has been achieved through increasing awareness of the problem, providing platforms through which policy is conducted effectively indicating the most appropriate means of addressing the issues in question and by supplying the instruments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) necessary to guarantee political continuity and policy completion.

POWER is a user-driven H2020-CAPS2020 action and an EIP Water Action Group related project pioneering the Water Community approach to share knowledge and experience on water scarcity, security, quality and water consumption-related issues in different EU local authorities, thus creating an important tool for EU water policy.

POWER will:

▪ increase the transnational municipal network effect by facilitating unrestricted communication and community involvement and by creating collective intelligence on ways of addressing urban climate change mitigation and adaptation, targeting water related concerns;

▪ influence related policy planning and decisions and expand related socially innovative behaviour.




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