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POWER work started on December 2015 and will be developed for 48 months till November 2019 in six work packages, one on management activities, one on dissemination and communication activities, and three on technical, scientific and community engagement activities.

▪ WP 1 Project Management and Quality Assurance (M1-M48)

WP1 activities aim to ensure smooth operation of all aspects of the project and proper implementation of the Consortium Agreement, to ensure project work achieves the highest quality measured against defined objectives, etc.

▪ WP2 Water Community set-up and start-up (M1-M48)

The objective of WP2 is the creation, development and pilot-city start-up of the Digital Social Platform technology to be applied in POWER. The Water Community will be built upon an open, professional-level software platform, bridging R&D with broadly used, real-world software products; coherently integrating a variety of software tools with a view to assuring a service life that over lasts the funded project.

▪ WP3 POWER community link and scale up (M1-M36)

The main objective of this work package is to actively engage end users in the requirements phase in order to ensure the involvement, in a progressive way, of a POWER wide society knowledge community and to ensure social, technological, environmental, and political uptake based on sound evidence knowledge.

▪ WP4 Environmental, political and social impact of the POWER model (M12-M48)

The goal of WP4 is two-fold: 1) To analyse the environmental and political impact of Water Community Platforms to improve the sustainability of Urban Water Cycle Services (UWCS) in lead cities and several follower cities. 2) To analyse governance gaps and improvement options of UWCS in partner cities involved in POWER project.

▪ WP5 Dissemination and outreach of the results (M1-M48)

The overall objective of WP5 is to increase the impact of POWER project among its target audiences. In particular, it aims to establish strong awareness in all its target group levels: professionals of the scientific research community and industry, politicians, citizens, and more.



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Social Innovation Conference
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