POWER Water Community


The POWER four water issues (water reduction consumption, water quality, extreme weather events, variables related to water conservation) will be addressed by developing a TRL 7 common water community platforms system prototype to be demonstrated in Milton Keynes, Sabadell, Leicester, and Jerusalem, each city addressing one priority issue. Though each city will lead the approach for its specific priority challenge, the common pier water community enables an integrated approach, which will enhance the potential for comparison and benchmark of all cities involved. Other cities will contribute their knowledge and experience to the four key issues.

The POWER approach therefore combines the experience of the lead cities with an important number of follower cities. These followers include the members of EIP Water Action Group City Blueprints, members of NetwercH2O, and the cities which have concluded their CITY BLUEPRINTS. The results will be then be transferred to the following partners dealing with the same and other issues related to the POWER concept. These partners will be involved once the Water Community is operating successfully.

POWER Water Community will be a decision-support environment able to:

▪ Quantify impacts over the long term.

▪ Include the most relevant viewpoints.

▪ Incorporate expert knowledge but engage non-technical decision-makers.

▪ Reach defendable decisions through a repeatable, audible and transparent process.

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