Water Community impact


POWER aims to reduce the gap between stakeholders of specific sustainability city challenges. Social Media and networks are embedded in communities’ daily routines as a preferred mean to interact, communicate and provide opinion. POWER intends to take advantage of this social dynamics by creating a POWER HUB, where social content related with city sustainability concerns can automatically flow and feed datasets to further analysis.

The POWER Water Community will:

▪ be implemented and populated with best practices related to the four key issues;

▪ bring together EU leading multi-disciplinary scientists, industrials, stakeholders, to think and act collectively, to engage in public dialogues, to communicate new ideas and solutions in a user-driven platform by using open source frameworks;

▪ provide real time data shared in an innovative way and regularly updated to maintain people’s interest;

▪ use gamification to help people compare.

POWER platform will enable the integration of mobile applications that relate user behaviour and feedback with context dashboard of indicators according to physical location, allowing the Water Community to drive users through a path of incremental commitments towards a pool of defined sustainability goals. It will be more than just dashboards and indicators. We will take data from the case study cities and promote benchmark patterns and optimal profiles for sustainable behaviours. We will understand user needs.


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