Sharing progress through POWER water platforms

The POWER Digital Water Platform aims at sharing progress, knowledge, opinions and best practices in an open public consultation mode and will serve as a support tool for driving sustainable behaviour and extending a raised collective awareness on the environment and the consequences of our actions. Cities will share their City Blueprints and their real time data via the water platforms. This will be predominantly at the professional office level, with detailed input. Such information will be summarised and shared with the general public.

The POWER water platform will bring together EU leading multi-disciplinary scientists, industrials, policy makers and general public to think and act collectively, to engage in public dialogues, to communicate new ideas and solutions in a user-driven platform by using open source frameworks.

The 4 municipalities involved as Key Demonstration Cities are already active in water-related issues. Extensive data is therefore available on each of these cities; common data is used to calculate the City Blueprint as is data addressing specific local city issues. Progressively, City Blueprints for approximately 100 cities will be available (approximately 3 to 4 cities in each Member State), which will share their data challenges and best practices, with the aim to contribute to a European Urban Agenda 2050. Currently, 38 cities have been assessed for their City Blueprint in 23 different countries, mainly in Europe. It is realistic to include another 70 to 80 cities before the end of the Project.

Based on the regional patterns that can already be distinguished from the City Blueprint activities, examples of local communities in some of the cities will be chosen that are taking action to address a specific water or climate change related issue in their city. A more in-depth study of the governance structures and the governance gaps will be carried out. Local initiatives to bridge these gaps can then be explored and used as examples for other cities in that region.



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