Press Releases

In order to ensure the effective demonstration of the POWER project and foster the political, social, and environmental uptake, continuous media work is accompanying the actions of the project.
Press releases have been and will be published according to project progress, and a press review will be prepared at the end of the project by all project partners.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Progress and results of the POWER project;
  • Launch of the DSPs websites;
  • Special events;
  • Important news on water issues (e.g. legal, political, or social aspects).
  • The list of press releases issued so far is reported below.

Partners may have adapted and translated some press releases according to their requirements, country language, and target groups.

May 2016 La Seu Social d’Aigües Sabadell acull un focus group sobre l’aigua potable (Catalan) open
June 2016 New EU project POWER published best practices on water management for four cities open
November 2016 Els integrants del projecte europeu POWER es reneixen a la seu d’Aigües Sabadell (Catalan) open
March 2017 Cities put social network benefits to use in water management
/ A new idea of four cities on World Water Day on 22 March
October 2017 New Digital Social Platform for water related issues is online! – Climate Alliance open
October 2017 DMU project changes the way cities manage water open
March 2018 Nature-based solutions key to combatting local water challenges (World Water Day) (German) open
May 2018 L’aula de l’Aigua acull un taller participatiu per fer créixer la plataforma digital del projecte europeu POWER (Catalan) open
June 2018 Exhibition aims to collect memories of flooding in Leicester  open
October 2018 New contest supports sustainable management of water resources open
November 2018 Aigües Sabadell organitza un taller participatiu per trobar solucions innovadores als principals reptes de l’aigua al món (Catalan) open
March 2019 Show of pupil POWER in support of DMU research open
April 2019 POWER Follower Cities Conference (Italian) open

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