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Leicester, United Kingdom

Leicester has a surface water flood risk. It has developed GIS mapping and, real time rain gauges to try and predict potential flood risk. Leicester is currently engaging with householders about surface water flooding using these maps. However, since Leicester has been successful at preventing flooding, some members of the public do not see it as a problem. The POWER Water Community will share experience of surface water flooding in Leicester households with other cities. Leicester will then take further actions to reduce the risk of surface water flooding, through public engagement activities via the POWER Water Community.

The main goal for Leicester City Council is to promote awareness of potential extreme weather events such as flooding by providing real time river water levels and predictive warnings for combined sewer overflows in specific geographical areas of the city. The POWER water community will allow citizens to monitor the flood risk during potentially severe weather events. They can also assess their potential risk of flooding through online social gamification mechanisms, increasing individual and collective awareness. By connecting city inhabitants through a network, they will be able to observe different flood risks.

Application scenario’s key elements:

▪ A visual exploration of water flood risk information.

▪ Earning rewards by information collection for preparing for surface water flooding.

▪ Addressing flood risk at a neighbourhood level with interactive GIS-based flood risk maps.

▪Gamification of collective water flood risk awareness by actions taken with neighbourhoods’ sharing information.

Follower cities in Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark.

Leicester’s water community has become public in August 2017. You can access it here.



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