Reduction of water consumption

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Water scarcity could constrain new developments taking place in Milton Keynes. Action is required to reduce overall consumption so water is not a restriction to further development.

Water scarcity could constrain the building of new developments in Milton Keynes. Reducing the water demand per person will allow Milton Keynes to grow whilst consuming the present volume of water supply. In the POWER project, Milton Keynes will encourage water conservation by using social networks to raise awareness and make changes. Milton Keynes is a smart city and pioneers data management through projects such as the Transport Catapult and the many strands of the MK: Smart project. The POWER Water Community model will provide the space to share and exchange knowledge, allowing householders and schools to monitor water use online. This will effectively enhance social interactive mechanisms and increase individual and collective awareness. By connecting citizens through a network on the water platform, they will be able to learn of good practices from other citizens and communities, exchange advice on the best ways to reduce water consumption and collaborate in water efficiency initiatives.

Milton Keynes’ water platform has become public in August 2017. You can access it here.




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