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Jerusalem, Israel

Limited water supplies and high water tariffs are at the centre of Hagihon‘s strategy to diminish water loss and to ensure the quality of potable water. Hagihon has accumulated substantial experience in the implementation of Non-Reveneu Water (NRW) reducing technologies and operational methodologies – achieving NRW of about 6% in most of its network. The POWER water community will enable Hagihon to share NRW reduction and water quality data with other utilities and consumers and assist in the ongoing process of maintaining consumer awareness regarding water waste and water quality.

The main goal for the city of Jerusalem is to promote water conservation behaviours, achieve quantifiable water savings and improved awareness regarding water quality by sharing data with other water utilities. The objective is to encourage a rational use of water, and encourage the implementation of NRW reduction and water quality monitoring technologies and methodologies.

The POWER water community will provide a specific dashboard for city administrations/water utility management/other utilities/users providing insights into the processes of collective awareness-raising within the city aiming to identify specific segments to provide more appropriate and targeted incentives.

Application scenario’s key elements:

▪ Visual exploration of water consumption information

▪ Visual exploration of water quality information

Follower cities in Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

Jerusalem’s water community has become public by August 2017. You can access it here.


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