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Sabadell – Catalonia, Spain

In the city of Sabadell water is supplied in two qualities: drinking water and water for non-drinking purposes. In all cases, water has a quality standard according to established legal requirements. CASSA is implementing an information system that enables real-time information about the quality and conditions of service throughout their distribution networks. This will allow users to take appropriate decisions, such as going to alternative points of supply in the case of irrigation tank trucks and street cleaning.

The main goal of the city of Sabadell is to promote improved water quality by the active involvement of citizens. The POWER water community will provide the consumer with information to encourage better management of resources and a reduction in the consumption of drinking water to be replaced by non-potable water. The POWER water community will allow citizens to monitor water quality online, enhancing social gamification mechanisms and increasing individual and collective awareness. By connecting city inhabitants through a network, they will be able to identify different levels of water quality and openly judge and voice their opinions concerning the resource.

Application scenario’s key elements:

 A visual exploration of water quality information.

 Earning rewards by information collection for water quality.

 Addressing water quality at the local level and comparing water quality indicators between cities.

 Promote the transparency and public participation.

 Save drinking water.

Follower cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Dar es Salaam and Belem.

Sabadell’s water community has become public in August 2017. You can access it here.



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