The present trend in Jerusalem's municipal water utilities is active management of the system, including managing water pressure, water quality, water flow – this by the implementation of a growing number of sensors and very advanced analysis systems. Located in a semi-arid climate, the issue of conservation is of major importance to Hagihon – The Jerusalem Regional Water Utility. Hagihon has achieved global recognition as an early adopter of innovative technologies, especially in the area of decreasing NRW ("non-revenue water" or "water Loss").


( Water conservation in distribution networks )

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Anglian Water’s strapline ‘Love every drop’ conveys the message of the value of water which is promoted through a number of customer awareness aimed at encouraging reduction in water consumption. ‘Bits and bobs’ is a free water-saving equipment (such as dual fluish converters, shower heads, shower timers, hosepipe gun, tap/shower inserts) installed on a home visit, accompanied by an energy and water consumption assessment and water-saving advice.

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( Anglian Water Customer Awareness Campaigns )

With the participation of more than 7.000 students from schools in Sabadell, EDUCASSA is an educational program to educate and raise awareness of the importance of water (quality, consumption, etc.) that targets three age segments, covering the whole of compulsory basic education. From 3 to 5 years the water cycle is explained through stories and games, between 6 and 9 years they will know how the municipal water is managed and 10 to 14 years they visit a waste water treatment plant, which aims to understand the process used to depurate the water.